Riding education

You can be a total beginner or practiced rider, our experienced and trained trainers, our reliable horses and the scenic landscape will ensure unforgettable experiences.

The acquisition of reliable riding knowledge does not go from one day to the other. Persistent practice, harmonisation of rider and horse, empathy are needed to it. Our trainers turn to our guests who wish to try themselves or to improve in all cases patiently, with big attentiveness, according to the individual needs.

To our hotel guests we send a previous questionnaire already by the reservation, based upon whose information our trainers can start with the preparation for the common work. The riding appointments can be agreed and reserved at arrival.

  • Introduction into riding experience: walk on horseback for children under 6 years:
    3 500 Ft/ 15 minutes
  • Lunge riding: for beginners and for children over 6-8 the worthy riding education can start, which begins with lunge riding. Our reliable school horses are available for the riders. Our lunge education is 30 minutes long.
    Price: 7 000 Ft/ 30 minutes.
  • Riding in class: For advanced ones we offer riding in class on any of our riding courts. Our riding school educations happen mostly individually. Our riding school education is 30 minutes long. Price: 7 000 Ft/ 30 minutes.
  • Riding tours, cross-country rides: only after personal agreement, guests with reliable riding knowledge can take part in our tours, about which we ensure via a trial riding in all cases!
    Price: 7 000 Ft/ hour/ person

Before You ride at Equital, please note:

  • About the equipment: We don’t expect any specific riding clothing, but closed shoes and long pants are absolutely necessary. Wearing a helmet is compulsory, but if you don’t have one, we can provide you one.
  • We only teach classic English style riding, we trained our horses for that, too. You are not able to ride in any other styles here.
  • You can take part on on horse riding maximum once a day. Upon our occupancy we don’t guarantee that You can ride every single day. At Equital our horses’ mental and physical health is important to us, so to be able to use them long term we must limit their daily work load. Also we’d like if the guest after you could also ride a well rested, healthy horse. The health of our horses is the next most important thing to us right after our guests’ safety.
  • In summer saison (15/6-31/8) we keep weekly a resting day, every sunday for our horses.

Our principles in the riding education

There is the opportunity also for our not hotel guests to ride in Equital. After the first, introductory lesson You have the opportunitiy to buy a riding seasonal ticket.

Our prices

  • Riding education: 7 000 Ft/ 30 minutes
  • Season ticket for 10 occasions: 70 000 Ft
  • Season ticket for 20 occasions: 130 000  Ft
  • Monthly ticket (2-3 occasion/week): 45 000 Ft

Livery by Balaton

In our stable open box places can be rented. The livery includes the range usage of 10 acres, the forage and the court usage. The horses’ vet supervision and shoeing is solved. Our trained colleagues also pay big attention to our guest horses.

In connection with livery call on the phone number +36 30 659 3904 or write an e-mail: info@equital.hu.


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